Second Wind Creations ~K
Second Wind Creations~K

About My Art

Hi, my name is Sharon Kristovich and I created this webpage for three reasons to:  increase awareness of my creative and evaluation analytics consulting services, share my creations with others, and inspire people to be creative.  The name "Second Wind Creations" reflects my interest in serious crafting and consulting has only emerged recently, in the second part of my life.  The name also reflects my interest in weather - particularly snowflake photography as well as living in windy Illinois.  


I enjoy working with a variety of mediums, woodworking, recyclables, textiles and sewing, photography and analytics.  The first few items are self-explanatory, but "analytics" can also be a creative medium.  Today's complex social systems often require unique evaluation and analytic solutions.  Today's analysts need to be able to "think outside the box". 


These creative skills and passion are a gift from God, and I am blessed to be called to use this gift to serve Him and not myself.  Much of my work is for charitable purposes.


I am a perpetual amateur- always learning, always trying new media and so this website is always under construction.  Please sure to visit often! 


Feel free to contact me if you have questions about my focus, my handmade items, how I made something or if you want me to make something for you.

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