Second Wind Creations ~K
Second Wind Creations~K

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Vacations, friends, parties, birthdays – this is where you'll find my latest photos and videos to look at and download. I look forward to reading your comments in the guestbook!

September 2013 -


This 20 inch Blessed Mother Statue looked like she had been dropped and hit with weed eater.  Her hand needed reconstruction and she also needed a nose job amongst other things.  I was able to fix her and return her to Holy Cross Church in Champaign, IL.  I restored another Blessed Mother Statue and a St Francis statue that were damaged in a flood.  I will put those photos up soon.  Maybe next time I will get some before/after pictures.

October 2014 -


The snow people were created by turning the figures on the lathe and then painting and decorating them.  It was my husband who suggested I make them a man and a woman.  Great idea!  They are about 2.5 inches tall.   This item is currently for sale.

October 2015 -


Lately, I have be recycling wine bottles that my friends and church have donated to me to make a variety of crafts.  This one is a self-watering planter, but I also make drinking glasses and luminaries.

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